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Home Water Softeners

Water softeners and your home

A water softener is one of the best water treatment devices you can add to your home. Soft water offers many benefits form softer hair and skin to helping your appliances last much longer. 

Picking the right water softener is an important step in the purification of your water To understand sizing, it is best to understand how it all works. What a water softener does is trade "hard" minerals in water for "soft" minerals in water. The typical trade is as calcium (hard mineral) enter a water softener it is traded for sodium (soft mineral). Inside a water softener are a bunch of chemical magnets called "ion exchange resin". These little chemical magnets do the trading. The more chemical magnets you have in a softener, the higher the capacity is. Capacity is the amount of gallons a softener will purify before you need to recharge (regenerate) it.  

Best Home Water Softener

Water softeners and spot free water

Water softeners do not provide spot free water. for more information on that please visit our spot-free-water.com micro-website.


Water softener scam artists

Unfortunatly there are many out there whose ony goal is to seperate you from as much of your money as they can. They come to your house and do some chemical demonstration and scare you into thinking your water is the most horrible thing abound. They are lying to you. One very omportant thing to know is a water softener is always much less then $1000.00 and are very easy to install, so if they start talking about $1500, $2000 or even $4000 water treatment devices, escort them to the door. 

These articles will tip you off to their tricks so you dont get taken as well. 


More information about home water treatment

Home Water Softeners

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